Blog 29. Oct 2018
The FIAT crisis never ends. How to get out of the FIAT world.

The topic of crypto currencies is often associated with the tulip bubble. Crypto currencies would only gain popularity because of the FIAT crisis. I would like to support the thesis that there is no... 17. Sep 2018
Do you share or already encrypt your emails?

Anybody could have read your e-mails. The email you send is forwarded through various other computers until it reaches the receiver's mailbox. The e-mail itself has no built-in protection that prevents... 25. Jul 2018
Is crypto currency the next dotcom bubble?

Many people compare the hype of crypto currencies with the tulip mania of the 16th century. First of all: crypto currencies are not tulips or flowers. Unlike the dotcom bubble, crypto currency (we'll... 16. Jul 2018
I am a retailer or service provider – How do I integrate crypto currencies into everyday life?

Crypto currency or Bitcoin? Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are not only gaining masses within the “scene”, but are also becoming a topic of discussion among the general population....